The essential Boston reading list

Dan Zarella starts the list. Chris Cagle adds to it. Charles Swift compiles the historical addendum.

And I pile on with Cleveland Amory's The Proper Bostonians, which remains a hysterical look at the Brahmins who once ran this town (and which offers the modern reader many "aha!" moments when you see all the family names that to this day are scattered about our streets, institutions and even a city or two).



Don't forget E B White's

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Don't forget E B White's Trumpet of the Swan. A major reason why I came to Boston was to see if there really were swan boats and a Ritz Carlton.

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In Honor of My Mother, Let's Not Forget...

The Late George Apley, by John P. Marquand. One of my mom's favorite books and a truly Boston book to boot. It was out of print for awhile, but has since been reissued in paperback.

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