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The Pyramids of Boston

Stephen Baldwin takes photos of several pyramidal/zigguratish structures in Boston and Cambridge (including a nice Hopperesque shot of the Citgo Sign).

Although, if he really wants to shoot pyramids, he should just drive Rte. 9 between Wellesley and Westborough, where he will see zillions of them, products of 1990s-era "good planning," in which local planning boards suddenly demanded buildings that actually looked attractive and developers and their Stepford-Wife architects responded as one with endless cornices topped with red or pale-green pyramids (although there is one building by Rte. 126 that has all these adorable pink pyramids). The apex of this homage to the Pharoahs is, of course, Shoppers World, where developers transformed what looked like a maxmimum-security prison into a maximum-security prison WITH DELIGHTFUL OPEN-AIR GREEN PYRAMIDS (then there's the actual glass pyramid that's part of the AstraZeneca building on Otis Street off Rte. 9 in Westborough).

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