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Glass and steel vs. poor people

Chris Cagle has an answer to John Keith's crack about alternatives to glass and steel (no, it doesn't involve hay), but says the real Downtown Crossing redevelopment issue is not building facades but people:

... Downtown Crossing actually functions fairly well as a vibrant urban area; it's just the mayor, and some retailers want it upscaled, i.e. with fewer of the poorer, nonwhite shoppers and loiterers who populate the district during the day. If there's a serious urban planning initiative to make it more vibrant, I'm all for it. Upscaling, though, seems wrong-headed.



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fights, violence, and robberies are way too common in the crossing. people simply do not want to shop in an area where they feel unsafe and intimidated. if you want to allow the area to be overrun by bums and gangs of teenagers, that is fine - but soon the businesses will all fade away.

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