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Depressing house now under construction in West Roxbury

You don't tend to see new single-family homes going up in West Roxbury - there's just no place left to put them. But there's one going up on Temple Street now - the owners of an existing house on a large lot had that house moved over enough to allow for construction of a new home.

It's depressing because it looks like something that belongs in a California subdivision, not a New England street full of Victorians, colonials and Capes: The front of the house is dominated by the garage. The front door is shunted off to the side, several feet behind the front of the garage, almost like an afterthought.

I realize Bostonians are as addicted to their cars as anybody else. And no doubt the relatively small size of the lot presented certain architectural challenges. But still, do we really need garages shoved in our faces?

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This cries out for a photo.

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So go take one and post it.

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