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What if Waltham doubled in size?

City planners think the city could easily double its population and add millions of more square feet of commercial space, but Borderline begs to differ:

...[N]o ordinary resident of Waltham I know has ever said, "Hey, you know what Waltham really needs? More townhouses!"

Message to elected officials: We don't need no more stinkin' development in Waltham. There are already too many condos, office parks, and strip malls here. We should be looking at Lincoln as a model for development, not Framingham. ...

Ed. note: Poor, poor Framingham. Everybody always picks on it - and everybody always thinks Rte. 9 is all there is to the town. Back when I covered Acton, people there always worried about the "Framinghamization" of Acton (although next door in Boxborough, they worried about the "Actonization" of Boxborough - one wonders how far west that chain of worry continued).

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could be worse -- how about "Saugusization" ?

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"NIMBY" and "BANANA"[1]. Not to mention "I got mine, so go away." Restrictions on development are part of why housing prices have become so expensive here, and why people are leaving the state for the South and West where mere mortals can still afford a house.

Pretty soon the only people who will be left here will be the extremely wealthy, who don't have to worry about what a house costs, and the extremely poor, who are having a large chunk of their housing tab picked up by government subsidy and/or who lack the means to leave.

[1]For those who've not heard that one, it means "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody".

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