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Dear Lord: Bostonians reject overpriced condos!

Some designer's money-encrusted condos are just not selling and deep in your heart, you know the marketing agent is right: Bostonians are too provincially backwards to understand sophisticated, edgy design, because, obviously, if New Yorkers can appreciate oversized marble panels and the chic, wink-and-a-nod allusions of prominently placed garden gnomes, then you know there's something wrong with us, snort.

But Jay, put down that hemlock!

... What will the world think of us? Will we be taken off the world-class city list? Oh the things they'll say about us in Paris and New York! ...

Hmm, I wonder how sophisticated Barney's of New York is doing in our backwater?

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Well, I can't speak for native Bostonians, as I'm a SoCal transplant, but my reaction to his stuff? Some of it's pretty cool, but an equal amount of it looks like something my trailer park aunties would've thought was cooler than cool in the mid-70's.

Aside from which, to be honest? Even if I had the money, I wouldn't be wowed by his condos, because there's too much of Mr. Stark in them. I want a living space I can make my own, not a living space that screams 'designer'.

Jen Stewart

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That's exactly what I'm not liking about most of the renovations going on in this city. We bought a house last year and I think we bought the one house in Boston that had working appliances and fixtures and everything and could be immediately lived in, but hadn't really been "renovated" beyond that. We would have LOVED to buy one of the lofts that was converted years ago by just adding a bathroom and kitchen and leaving the rest up to the buyer, but those get snapped up right away if anyone decides to sell, yet no one is building more of those. Instead, they're building these million-dollar designer places, often involving covering over lovely old brick and hardwood. Ew.


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As far as I'm concerned, the housing bubble can't burst soon enough. Bring it on!

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I read the article, and looked at the pictures. As far as I am concerned I hate the style and design he brings to the condos. It isn't that I'm not sophisticated or hip enough, it's that it sucks. I have two kids and a dog. I couldn't imagine using that kitchen. As for that bathroom, I'd suffer vertigo because I wouldn't know what is the floor, the wall, the ceiling, the inside of the tub. I'd fall down every day walking into that bathroom.

Having a place designed that allows nothing of the owner's influence or presence to be brought into the living space is a shame. I don't want to live in Philippe Starck's house. I want to live in MY house. I also want people to finally wake up and realize that Boston isn't freaking MIAMI. There is a southern Florida style. There is a New England style. Southern Florida or French Schtick or Manhattan Chic sometimes just doesn't work north of Fairfield County CT.

Know. Your. Customers. That's all people need to do to sell anything.

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