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What museums and arts organizations could learn from the sports section

Imagine if the Sox always barred reporters from practices, the clubhouse and players. The sports section would be a lot thinner; the writing a lot less interesting. Joel Brown writes that's just what Boston-area arts institutions do, so no wonder they don't get much coverage:

... In the arts world, and perhaps especially in Boston's arts world, constant complaints about lack of coverage are often canceled out by the attitude that access is a privilege. With some arts organizations in this city, it takes weeks to arrange even the most benign feature. An interview with a curator or conductor is vetted with a control-freak tenacity more appropriate to the White House press office - and sometimes with as many hoops to be jumped as a Tom Cruise Vanity Fair cover. ...

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To repeat the comment I made to Joel:

\For the last season or so, Actors' Shakespeare Project has been keeping a blog with rehearsal notes, Q&A features, and links to external articles. Bypassing the press altogether, so fans can find out how things are going.

I find it pretty cool!

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