God hates Brian McGrory

Look at all the misery He's inflicting on the poor boy! McGrory writes today that life in Boston naturally sucks anyway ("the female population wraps itself from head to foot in Gore-Tex for half the year"), and now it's just raining too damn much and he can't take the gloating anymore from ex-Bostonians living in better climes.

There's a way to fix that, Bri.

Elias wants to smack McGrory:

... It is inane and tasteless junk like this that almost makes me nostalgic for the bumptious pseudo populism of Mike Barnicle. Hell at the first sign of rain, Mike wouldn't drove hell bent for leather to Lowell to find some poor Cambodian storekeepers whose broken english and quiet sobs bespeak the loss of a lifetime of hard work. And if he couldn't find them, he'd damn well bring 'em to life like a sort of journalistic mad scientist. ...



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Dear Boston Globe:

Dear Boston Globe:

I'd be happy to write a Metro column. You know where to find me, if my visitor logs are to be trusted.



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