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Thoughts on Boston sports media

Over at Boston Sports Media Watch, Bruce Allen summarizes what he's learned about the local sports media in the four year's he's been following them. Among his observations: Local sports radio panders to idiots and Bob Ryan is a glorious exception to the rule that local sports writers are petty and thin skinned - especially his colleague, the Curly-Haired Boyfriend:

... [Shaughnessy] emailed me, demanding that I call him, so, not knowing any better at the time, I called. His first words to me were "Did I sleep with your wife or something?" the conversation went downhill from there, and I believe it ended up with him insulting me and hanging up the phone. Since then, I vowed never to talk on the phone with the guy again. He's tried. He's demanded that I call him, he's mocked me, telling me that I'm afraid to speak with him. Not true. I simply know that it would be an unproductive conversation where he would shout me down, insult me, and hang up. ...

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