Silver Line? Try Slower Line

Ben Ostrander finds it absurd that it takes him 25 to 30 minutes to go one mile from his South Boston office to South Station on this "rapid" transit line.

Chris Cagle takes the Silver Line from the airport for the first time and is reminded why cities build subways.


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I've only used the Silver

I've only used the Silver Line Waterfront a few times, but it's never taken me that long to ride it. If you're starting your trip on the Red Line and ending it at the airport, it's a great improvement over the Red-Green-Blue-Massport shuttle shuffle.

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Worst trip ever!

By John K on

Worse than taking an endless Silver Line trip (why are there four traffic intersections???) Is taking the Silver Line to the airport and then getting on your 3:30 flight and having to wait an hour and forty five minutes (and counting!!!) to take off.

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