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What's a Greek neighborhood without a Greek restaurant?

Roslindale is probably the Greekest Boston neighborhood, so David Harris wonders: Why doesn't it have any Greek restaurants?

Unless, of course, you count the Roslindale House of Pizza (or My Big Fat Greek Pizza just over the line in Forest Hills).

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Apollonia is pretty close. It's Albanian, but at least that's a border country!

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True! And I think it may have been a Greek cafe or bakery or something before it became Apollonia (from the outside, it sure looks like a Greek place).

Roslindale's an Albanian neighborhood, too - long term, maybe more so than Greek, at least based on the number of Albanian kids at my daughter's elementary school.

I wonder how long before we get our first Brazilian restaurant - there are now at least a couple of stores on or near Belgrade Avenue catering to Brazilians. Uh, oh, now I want to go to one of those Brazilian meat restaurants!

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You mean a zaxaroplasteion?

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