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American Hot Rods needed for JP Halloween Extravaganza


Do you own a 1940's, 50's, or 60s American hot rod and do you wanna to show it off?

Good, we need your help!

On Halloween, in Jamaica Plain, near the Intersection of Boylston and Belmore Terrace, we are hosting the 8th Annual, Harry Italian BBQ Man (me) Halloweenie Extravaganza. Basically, we cook and give away 700 hotdogs and about 2,000 pieces of candy. This year our theme is "Grease" you know, like the movie. We'd like you and your hot rod to be apart of the experience. We'll feed you and guarantee is wicked sugar high.

Roll through, but call me for details 857-222-4420.

Here are pictures from last years "Hilly Billy" Halloweenie Extravaganza

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He has a sweet '55 Chevy.

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"Wanna" is not a word. Please stop using it after you reach the age of three.

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I'm pretty sure it's commonplace in the north American vernacular. I'm a bit of a grammar whore, and I freely acknowledge that at least half the time I say "want to," neither voiceless alveolar plosive makes its way into the phrase.

Do you seriously articulate these consonants every time you use this phrase?

(FWIW, one of the things we note on psych evals is whether someone uses language that's overly formal, as in, avoiding colloquialisms that one would expect to hear in a discussion between two north American adults.)

((However, I am happy to discuss how "gimme" as a standalone imperative should not ever be used by adults. Or children. Or at all.))

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