Wow, somebody who's moving *to* Boston

Josh Ourisman is quitting his job in San Francisco and moving to our fair Hub (well, Cambridge, anyway). He's blogging the transition:

... This blog is my official chronicle of the process of quitting my job, moving across the country (from San Francisco to Boston), moving in with my girlfriend, and going into business for myself all at once. I like to think of it as a social experiment in exactly how far I can pursue success along a path entirely of my own choosing. ...



Thanks for the link love!

By Josh on

Hey, thanks for the link, you seem to have doubled the traffic to my site. :)

I may be moving to Cambridge for now, but once the 1-year lease runs out I'll probably be moving into Boston proper (I really like the North End). I like the look of your site, looks like a good way to start getting myself into a Boston. Expect some traffic coming your way too. ;)

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