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The scene on Hanover Street

Bat Dor joined the throngs:

... There was already some random saint's day festival going on, but people had set up massive speakers and were playing bad-in-a-good-way Italian techno and were waving Italian flags and dancing and - much to my surprise - throwing buckets of water out of upstairs windows. Good thing I was wearing black. ...

Some Hanover Street photos (including one guy dressed as Zidane).

Marianne Mancusi was glad to be there:

... I've never seen anything like it! It was great - so much energy and patriotism! It made me proud to be Italian. ...

Mooseman: I've never seen that many Italian flags, unfortunately I also saw a lot of people who let the flags touch the ground.

Vicki sat in the "French" section on City Hall Plaza:

... It was really fun to be around so many "crazy" soccer people. Too bad France didn't win but when they did score their goal everyone was slapping five and hugging each other. Who doesn't love random high fiving and hugging :-) We decided to duck out early though and find a spot on the side because we didn't want to be in a mosh pit situation. We toyed with the idea of going to the North End to see the craziness but thought differently when we saw the riot police heading over there as a precaution. ...



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I, for one, wish that the city had listened to the sage suburbanites at Hub Politics. They warned us that the City Hall Plaza viewing would actually hurt local businesses.

And now, just check out the report in the Globe about what a busines nightmare it was. Thousands of people came to City Hall Plaza from all over the area, and I'm sure that not ONE of them bought a single thing in the city while sitting outside on a hot day. Or ate lunch or dinner before or after the game. Or paid for their T fare in. And the poor local businesses were devastated, even though the cafes on Hanover street were reportedly so crowded that the police shut down traffic. And even though drinking alcohol outside is illegal, no one went to watch it at a bar. The 300 people crammed into one bar that the article mentions were obviously a fluke.

What a travesty...

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I do not think a lot of those people who watched on the City Hall Plaza would have paid any money to watch this game. It was a nice day out and a fun, family thing to do. If it involved shelling out wads of cash and jamming into a hot, crowded bar with kids in tow... there is no WAY that many people would have watched that game.

What do people do on Superbowl Sunday? Make dips and have a party at home. And that is for teams they follow all year.

Suburbanites see the news about crime rates and are afraid to come to the city. You spend a few thousand putting up a tv screen and invite everyone in. They come in, see that things are safe and come back again in a few weeks.

And the Italian Ice guy, bottled water guy and other cart vendors are local business owners and you can BET they had a profitable day.

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"Lunch at Cheers was rather cheerful...ha, ha, ha. "

"I had the pleasure of going to Bova's Bakery and grabbing some canolis"

"...the Pour House, complete with fries, Coke"

Cheers, Bova's and Pour House. Three Boston businesses that saw some business from people who went to City Hall plaza. Travesty indeed!

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