Beer by candlelight and other tales from last night's blackouts

Reports are filtering in of scattered blackouts across the region last night:

When the power went out last night at the James's Gate pub in Jamaica Plain, they didn't shut down - they broke out the candles. And Abby was there with her camera.

The power also went out in Borderline's corner of Newton, but he was not amused, especially since the border of the blackout zone was apparently a line right down his street - people across the way had lights and AC. Still he manages to find solace in the fact that he still has a dial-up account with which to post his travails:

So nyah nyah nyah wireless power users with your useless newfangled access points! They don't work in these parts!

In Brookline, Michael sweated through a blackout:

... The air conditioner had been running in the bedroom, so it remained cool in there for about an hour afterwards. But once the heat filtered into the bedroom, there was no escape. I grew up with air conditioning, and I have little tolerance for heat. We read for a while, but no matter how I positioned myself, I simply could not get comfortable. I kept wishing for a large, battery-powered fan.

Somehow I managed to get to sleep, but then at about midnight the phone rang. Nomi picked it up. It was a recording from NSTAR, telling us that the power would be restored by 2:30 AM. Never mind the fact that I had pushed the buttons on the voice mail limiting such calls to hours we'd actually be awake...


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James' Gate is in my neighborhood

By Rhea on

I live just down the street from the bar, but I was spared the blackout. It was cool to see what I missed at James' Gate.

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By on

I live in JP, had to drop something off in Brookline, did not notice any blackout(s).... Odd.

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