Where's the Ward Commission when you need it?

State Sen. Marian Walsh wants another Ward Commission to keep the Big Dig debacle from ever happening again (for you whippersnappers, the Ward Commission exposed endless corruption and greed after UMass buildings started crumbling).

Great idea, Sco writes:

... I can't see how DiMasi could object unless he's afraid of what such a commission might uncover or whose feathers it might ruffle. The best way for Beacon Hill to regain any of its credibility is to haul everyone and anyone who was ever involved in the Big Dig in front of a camera and microphone to answer tough questions under oath. If that means some current and former politicians have to sweat it out, even better. ...

Ah, but who should be forced to testify? Charlie on the MTA has a list, starting with:

Jim Kerasiotes: Head of the Big Dig from 1991-2000. Dictator. Had hard drives sand-blasted so data couldn't be recovered by investigators. The biggest villain. ...



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UMass Boston construction debacle

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Funny that you mention this, in the wake of UMB suddenly and possibly permanently shutting down all underground parking on Wednesday afternoon, with the exception of parking under the brand new Campus Center. [link]

At first I was just dumbfounded, since the decrepit garages have been under repair for months. Now I am wondering if this is somehow related to the media coverage surrounding the Big Dig mess.

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