Good thing for Tom Reilly nobody reads the paper in August

Because otherwise people might start wondering about a campaign that lies about its involvement in what Blue Mass. Group is calling KillerCokegate.

Andy at Mass. Revolution Now would love to hear Reilly address the issue:

... Why doesn't Tom Reilly have the courage to raise the legitimate issue himself? Is he so weak of a person that he is afraid to hit a competitor in a respectable manner, in the light of day? If so then he certainly doesn't have the cajones to stand up to Sal and Trav and we DO NOT need that in our next governor. Or is it that Reilly just prefers dirty politics? I don't know. Tom Reilly, your staff shouldn't be answering for this one, you should. I expect a live press conference from you tomorrow anything less than that will prove that you prefer dirty politics. ...

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