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“I am going to be a Rabbi, and I don’t believe in God”

The above quote comes from my new blog.

Projectexist.com collects dynamic accounts of individual spiritual beliefs and disbeliefs, then presents selected accounts as short, blog-length vignettes. Among the most compelling accounts are: the rabbinical student who doesn’t believe in God; a mother doubting that “everything happens for a reason”, and a woman helped by God to see “all are equal”.

Next week, I will publish a brutally honest email-interview I conducted with a 24-year-old Texas woman. Here is a preview:

"My mother was breastfeeding me and was high or drunk a lot. She didn’t realize until it was almost too late that I had lost a lot of weight and was very ill. My parents would want to party or do something. And if I started crying and became a nuisance, they would inhale Marijuana smoke and cup their hands around my face and exhale until I breathed in enough to pass out"

If you check it out, give me your feedback.


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