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Pouring water inside the Big Dig

Stevie Z. reports that when driving home through the Tip O'Neill tunnel late last night (before the rains), he saw water on the road and coming down from the ceiling:

... I would say it was like standing under an awning and seeing the water come off it during a moderately heavy rainstorm. ...

He called the State Police to report it; says the dispatcher said "thanks" but didn't ask him for a location:

Maybe I'm just being a bit touchy on the matter, but goddamn, I am not feeling the sort of safety and security I think I should be feeling in a $14 billion system. No sir, I am not feeling the Big Dig love one single bit. And you'd think the State Police might at least pretend to be concerned, just for the sake of calming a very jittery public.

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It's as though nobody wants to admit that they don't personally take the route through the damned thing, even though they may be in some way responsible for its appalling condition. I've heard of planned obsolescence, but not on opening day (or month, or year) of a new road, especially not the most expensive (ever).

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