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Rush hour pacing slowed

I wonder whose bright idea it was to do roadwork on VFW Parkway during the day? Why in the world would the DPW think it's a good idea to shut down an entrie lane during rush hour?

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Its a pretty impressive project. Theres lots of info on it.

They switched to some daytime blasting (but they still do some at night, right around 11pm I hear that little rumble then BOOM). They released a press release with some details.


I think they have done a good job. The areas around the steel plates are scary... I have had two flat tires since this work began. Yesterday morning was rough but today they seem to have the traffic patterns down and things were better.

I think the LaGrange to Corey section is going to be MESSY. I have my alternate routes mapped out for that one.

Contact John Tobin and find out about the meetings. Probably good to go to one and voice your concerns. There's over a year of work yet to be done.

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please feel free to share any alternate routes with us.

2 flat tires! wow... 

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Heading north: From "Rte. 1" or Bridge Street, turn onto Spring Street, which turns into Centre which eventually connects back to the parkway at whatever it is they call the Hebrew Center for Rehabilitation of Aged these days. When you get to the Holy Name rotary, you basically need to go straight.

Heading south: Take the left fork just past the ol' Hebrew Center and stay on that until you get to Bridge Street.

But caveat: You'll be trading MWRA backhoes and dynamite for crazy people suddenly deciding they have to turn into Zoots (dunno what it is about that parking lot that encourages bad driving, but it does), suddenly deciding they have to double-park RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW, little old ladies and little old men in Cadillacs who panic at the sight of double-parked cars and suddenly veer not just into your lane but onto the other side of the road, etc., etc.

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