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The world's most annoying credit-card devices

For the past few months, Shaw's and Star Market have been taping up their credit/debit card readers with these stupid notes that tell you to hit "Enter" instead of "Yes" when the readers tell you to hit "Yes." I know I invariably hit "Yes," because that's what the stupid thing tells me to do. Dudes, bite the bullet and hire some programmers to rewrite the damn interface already, will ya?

Krissy in Boston writes one of these jerkwad devices helped add to her already sucky day:

... I went to the Auburndale Shaw's to get some tissues, throat lozenges, etc ... and the stupid teenage cashier started yelling at me because when it says: "$XX.XX is your total. Is that correct?" I pressed YES, but apparently you're supposed to press ENTER. (Apparently I forgot about that after a similar debacle at the same supermarket last October.) I swear, when interviewing at Shaw's they must ask: "Are you surly, unfriendly, and kind of nasty?" And if you answer yes, they give you the job. ...

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