Moving Day: Some perspective

For those of you new to the area, GreenLineBoy sums up what you're going through:

... For those of us not moving, such as myself, the only plan is to avoid the city at all costs. Traffic will be terrible. There will be people guarding couches in the street. Yes. Guarding. Mass hysteria ensues. Go to Target and try and find anything 'Rubbermaid'. I challenge you. ...

Margalit: Everyone moves to Boston at least once in their lives, and if they do, it's most likely on Labor Day Weekend:

... There is a whiff in the air. It's truck exhaust. The city has become the UHaul capital of the world. UHauls and their ilk double and triple park as people unload their stuff onto sidewalks crowded with garbage bags and old sofas. ...

Manton doesn't need perspective:

... Finally. The day has finally arrived. It's not even the eve; it's the actual day I have longed for since May 6th. Salvation. Moving day. In a few short hours (who needs sleep when you have coffee?) I shall return to Boston for the third September in a row. ...


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Last night, eeka and I had

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Last night, eeka and I had burritos at Boloco on Mass Ave. We sat at the window and counted moving vehicles.

We counted 30 in a half hour, and while that may have included some repeats, it did not include all the pickup trucks, SUVs and vans with heavily tinted windows so you couldn't see inside.

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no UHauls in view

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I didn't have much trouble with moving students this weekend. My only
run ins occurred at the Somerville Target, where I learned that some
very smart people cannot pilot shopping carts.

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