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Deval Patrick slows commute (sort of)

The candidate himself did not make my commute more annoying. That was courtesy of his ‘political groupies’.
 People were out campaigning for Deval Patrick with signs this
morning on and around the rotary on the Jamaicaway (where it merges
with Arborway). This slowed my morning commute considerably, as the
usual problem of people being terrified to enter the rotary was
compounded by the spectacle (and resulting rubbernecking) of Deval
Patrick supporters happily waving and holding signs. Somehow, this
makes me less inclined to vote for him.
I imagine it was someone’s bright idea to do this today, as last night
was the (sort of freeform) pre-primary debate between the three
Democratic candidates for governor.


In a similar vein, I also can’t stand those people who hover at my
window, brandishing buckets in an attempt to collect money for charity
(whether said charity is legit or not is hard to tell).

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