Homeless Shelters Servicing Children

My son's Cub Scout den is working on their citizenship badge. The boys decided they wanted to do a winter wear coat/mitten/hata drive specifically to help homeless kids.

I've been assigned with finding agencies or shelters which specifically help families and kids.

Because we live in the northeast Merrimack Valley, almost in NH, I'm not thoroughly familiar with a lot of shelters around the city. I know of HAWC in Salem, and someone mentioned there is a family shelter in Lowell, but there is no trace of it on the internet.

So I am turning to you, my dear friends at Universal Hub.

If anyone has any suggestions or knows of shelters specific to children, please respond to this post or feel free to email me at [email protected]

We'd like to keep our sites set on North of Boston/NH/Merrimack Valley simply because one of the goals is to have the boys focus locally, being well aware that their behavior and efforts will directly impact their immediate surroundings. However, realizing that there is probably more of a need towards Boston, I'm broadening our scope to include anyone anywhere who has a need.
our den thanks you for your guidance and support.


I can't speak for the North

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I can't speak for the North Shore, but...

Rosie's Place is the big one I can think of, it's a women's shelter in the South End, a block or so from the BMC, and by nature of being a women's shelter, everytime I'm there volunteering at Legal there's tons of kids in the dining area who are with their mothers and, yes, grandmothers.


You can also contact the MSPCC if you want a more authoritative response (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).


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thanks aaron

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Rosie's place was actually one of the first sites I came across when i started searching. The website doesn't mention children or services directed to them anywhere, so I wasn't sure to even try them. But you've encouraged me.

Pink & Green girl gave me a contact in Lowell, and Eeka was very helpful too and suggested even residential homes where kids are often forgotten. In Lawrence there is a St. Ann's home for kids who live there residentially, kind of as a last stop before prison for so many of them... my husband used to do speech therapy there and I'd totally forgotten them.

Eeka says most people totally forget them. She's right. They slipped my mind entirely.

So yeah -- I've got three excellent paths to go down, and am pursuing them directly.

Thanks for your help Universal Hub. the boys thank you too.

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