My daughter gives Deval Patrick a piece of her mind

He's talkin' to you!

Patrick makes a point during his speech at the Democratic unity rally in Roslindale Square this evening.

Adam Rosi-Kessel has more photos and details on the speeches at the unity rally (um, Mr. Reilly, where were you?), but I'll focus on the Greta/Patrick debate.

You may recall Greta from this post a couple days ago - in which she expressed (over and over and over again) her disgust for Chris Gabrieli and his proposal to lengthen the school day. She decided she wanted to go to the rally; on the way over to the square, she informed me she now really disliked Patrick, too, because she'd read a newspaper article that said he also wanted to lengthen the school day.

When we got there, some Patrick volunteer thrust a Patrick sign in Greta's hands. She went in back of the stage they'd set up, out by the street, where a knot of elected officials and other people surrounded the newly arrived Patrick. He began to walk to get up to the stage. But there stood Greta. Patrick bent down to say hello. Not so fast, bub. She had a determined look on her face. Her lower lip was jutted out. And she told him she doesn't want her school day to be any longer. He laughed, she fled, and the speechifying began.

After being introduced by Tim Murray and Tom Menino, Patrick gave a rip-roaring campaign speech, the main theme of which was to call for the recognition that government can be a force for good:

Government is not some thing. It's us! It's you and me!

In the middle of his speech, he talked about education. And he talked about this glum-looking girl holding one of his signs who wanted to know why he wanted to lengthen the school day. He allowed as how it was true - he did want to lengthen the school day. But, he went on:

It's not just about time in school. ... It's about exercise. It's about art. It's about music. It's about after-school activities. It's about tutoring. ... It's about the whole child!

The crowd went wild.

Afterwards, over dinner at Village Sushi, Greta still wasn't willing to budge on the issue of a longer school day. But she no longer hated Patrick. And I felt really proud, not because Patrick brought her up in a speech, but because she went up to this guy who might be our next governor and told him what she thought.

You can make me hold this sign, but I don't have to like it:
Grump grump grump



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Greta for Governor!

By on

How old do you have to be to serve as governor in the Bay State? Let's just say "Greta Gaffin in 2026!"

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This is really cool! I like

By on

This is really cool! I like the fact that she both spoke to Patrick about her concerns and that he took her seriously.

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to say nothing of the fact

By on

to say nothing of the fact that she actually reads newspaper articles!

(Way to go, Greta!)

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By Suldog on

The man thinks on his feet. Good stuff. I admire any politician who doesn't just read speeches written for him by someone else.

(Still a Libertarian, though, so I probably won't vote for him.)

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That's so awesome. I love

By Amy on

That's so awesome. I love politically active kids. She's got some cahones... I don't think I'd have had the balls to go up to a politician at her age and tell him I didn't like his policies.

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