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Food for thought

Boston Chomps recommends Muqueca in Inman Square for Brazilian seafood stew:

... My favorite however, was the cod capixaba. It's made from salt cod, and stewed in coconut milk. The stew also includes plantains, olives, and boiled eggs. A strange combination but DELICIOUS. It tasted even better after adding the hot sauce served at every table. ...

Not up for Brazilian seafood? What about Brazilian meat meat meat. Bill Ives savors the Cafe Belo in Somerville, one of a whole chain of Brazilian meat joints.

Of course, local eaters are supping on more than just Brazilian fare:

Marc falls in love with Finian's in Quincy, in part because, at the end of the meal, the manager asked him how the food was and when he said the macaroni and cheese wasn't very good, the manager took it off the bill:

... Even if they hadn't done that, I would still continue to go back to Finian's, since last night was an aberration, in my opinion. But the swift action he took cemented that fact, and should be a lesson to all restaurants: If a diner has a bad meal, do whatever it takes to make that person happy. ...

Also, Toraya in Arlington has terrific Japanese food and the All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square is wonderful.

Lynne rates Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury as better than average Indian food (compare with Eat and Destroy's less laudatory review).

Speaking of Eat and Destroy, they agree that Dali in Somerville is overpriced, but, gosh, they still have the best tapas around.