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The morning after

Transcript of Patrick's victory speech.

Matt: Deval. Thanks for being my new Governor.

Sharon Gartenberg: Deval Patrick's Resounding Victory: A Vote for Community:

Voters in Massachusetts have given our overwhelming support to a governor-elect who stresses sense of community and the need to care about each other's dreams and aspirations as well as our own. It's a message we've clearly been hungering for after the bitter, negative, partisan politics that Karl Rove and the Bush administration have brought to the national arena these past six years. ...

Now the hard work begins, Adam Reilly writes:

... As a candidate, Patrick didn't actually have to implement his vision for Massachusetts; he just had to share it with voters around the commonwealth, something he did with remarkable skill. (With this win, Patrick staked his claim as one of Massachusetts' great retail politicians.) But now comes the tough part. Can Patrick satisfy the infinite dreams of his supporters with the finite resources he'll have at his disposal? Which Patrick supporters will be gravely disappointed when Patrick submits his first budget--and will their support hold? How long will his various honeymoons (legislators, press, voters) last? ...

Aaron Margolis on Hub Politics: How Can 1,224,725 People Be So Dumb?

Charles Foster Kane: The GOP in Massachusetts has been thoroughly repudiated

... And all Aaron Margolis can think about is how much smarter he is than everyone who voted for Deval Patrick. ...

New England Republican vows to soldier on and to start counting the days until Deval Patrick raises my taxes and empties the prisons.

Jay Fitzgerald: We now live in an absolute one-party state from top to bottom.

Mass. Marrier: Healey Handlers in Fantasy World:

... Watching the returns, we here were astonished to find her campaign manager and assorted lackeys saying they did everything right. They must be from Remulak. ... So, O'Brien, greetings from the Earthlings. Now, get lost.

Joel Brown: It will be interesting to see how the arts community fares under Gov. Deval Patrick.

Jason Feifer files a report from the Healey defeat party at the Sheraton.

G: it's about time someone sent mitt back to his native utah

where he can live out the rest of his liquor-free mormon days with a gunrack and his four wives.

Ed Deevy: I hope he can live up to the high expectations he has created.

John Daley compares the current time to the beginning of a new Sox season:

[P]lenty of potential, either way. And there's always hope and excitement in the Spring.

Shai Sachs says Patrick's election proves progressives can win big without the media.

Teddy Kokoros compares Patrick with Bill Clinton and gives the advantage to Patrick.

Eric: I've been a resident of Massachusetts for 30 years:

This was the first time I've ever been happy to vote for someone. ...

Elias: we have triumphed over adversity after sixteen years in the wilderness, it is a good day to be a democrat.

Charles Bandes: Feels like a sunny day.


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