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On the national results

How you're feeling right now depends, of course, on which way you voted yesterday. A round-up of local bloggers on the national results (and Rummy, too!):

Educand: Is that... the sound of a pendulum swinging?!?

Blogorelli: Could the political composition of our country be changing?

That thought is exciting, just like my favorite headline from this morning, "Democrats Hold Breaths, Country Turns Blue"!

Collateral Damage: Tomorrow's most-over-used headline today: "You're doing a helluva job, Rummy."

Amy on Rumsfeld: Thanks be to God!

You know, I thought the decisive bitch-slap from voters would serve to unravel the Republican party but I didn't think it would take less than twenty-four hours.

Peacebang on Pelosi: What a dame!

Congratulations, Madame Speaker!

Domenico Bettinelli: I hope that this result is a wake-up call to Republicans:

... The reason they lost their majority is because they left their base. For example, many of the Republican losers were pro-abortion. The GOP became just a corrupt, big-spending clone of the Democrats and forgot what they were there for in the first place. Maybe this will mean that the ineffective leadership of the party will be replaced with some new blood and we can return to the Reagan conservatism that won the Cold War, brought hope to America, and became the basis for the revving economy of today. ...

Dean Barnett says Republicans had no clear message, especially on the war on terror:

... There is pain this morning. The loss of good men like Rick Santorum and Chris Chocola hurts. But the good news is that now our party must return to ideas as our key to power. Political sleight of hand and the weakness of our opponents carried us through most of the decade. Indeed, given the remarkable number of close races on the board last night, the Rovian/Mehlman genius came quite close to saving our bacon once again. ...

New England Republican tells Democrats how they should behave now.

Dan Kennedy writes the Democrats really need to take a page from the Republican playbook and frame the issues first, before Fox News and their ilk can.

Blue Mass. Group looks at South Dakota's defeat of a near-total abortion ban and sees a lesson for Thursday's constitutional convention here in Massachusetts.

Solomonia reports from Joe Lieberman's victory party.

Shelley: It's clear that the people have spoken all over this country, in local and national races:

Now it's up to those in whom we've put our trust to show us we haven't done so in vain.

Baratunde: I am slightly less ashamed at being an American now:

When I go abroad, I will drop my poor version of the Canadians' "eh."

Halley Suitt: I have to wonder if the Republicans 12-year dismissal of "reality-based political discourse" is coming to an end.

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