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The glee continues

Oh, sure, there are those Gloomy Gusses who are barricading their doors against the imminent onslaught of rapists and who fret their taxes will go up so high they won't be able to afford that Porsche they have their eye on. But for most Boston bloggers with an opinion on the elections, it's still party time.

Michael Femia writes that yesterday, he couldn't decide which day was better: Yesterday or Oct. 27, 2004. In either case:

... I can't help feeling like Charle Brown, as his foot finally connects with that football.

Mike the Mad Biologist went to a session at the American Public Health Association conference at the South Boston convention center and reports:

About 14,000 people attend, including a lot of military personnel (between routine public health concerns and biosecurity, there are always a few in the crowd). At one talk that I would guess had around 1,000 people in the audience, maybe more, the speaker said, "I'm having a really good day. How about you?" The audience burst into raucous applause...and the military personnel had very, very large smiles on their faces. ...

George N. Parks: The Democrats have been trying to paint themselves as budgetary conservatives in light of recent deficits under a GOP run legislature:

Now it's time for them to prove that they can live up to the sermon.

On Boonville Blog, Jeff admits he wrote in Manny Ramirez in the U.S. Senate race:

... Admit it, the embarassment of electing Ramirez wouldn't even come close to the hilarity that would ensue when Manny Goes To Washington. ...

Jon Keller, of course, immediately goes into full whine mode about how Patrick needs to be a better Republican than Romney ever was, lest amok teachers and state union workers destroy the state.

Chika is thrilled:

Leslie Turek on Rumsfeld: Ding-dong the witch is dead.

... Dude, a black man is the governor-elect of Massachusetts, the Pirros are finally out of NY State politics, and Rumsfeld has been kicked out of the sandbox. Do I dare hope that there is a new direction in our country? Can I?

Harold M. Clemens: Who gives a watery shit Rummy's gone, if the man with the pitchfork is still there? He adds:

... I was damn proud to hear they ran out of ballots in the hood. yea government stays tryna deter from exercising our 2nd class rights, but goddamit we came out strong anyway! luv to all the organizers and activists that got our people out there to make a choice. few things are better than seein' cats in baggy jeans and hoodies ditty-boppin to the polling place. thas wasup.

Karen: Where's your mandate now, George?

Stealth: Remember all those stories in the press about how confident Rove was being?

... He was either bluffing, or he didn't realize the breadth of his failure. Either way, the press should stop buying his crap. ...

Mark on Irish Elk sees a silver lining for centrists in the national numbers.

Citizen Charles Foster Kane hangs up his blogging quill, saying the Republican blogs he enjoyed piercing have now become too irrelevant to worry about.

Kimberly Atkins wants to know if you think the Massachusetts Republican Party is finished.

Aaron Margolis at Hub Politics outlines what the state GOP has to do to come back from the grave. Vermont Woodchuck says good riddance to fair-weather Republicans - now's the time to rebuild the party as a true conservative force.

Tim Jarrett is happy, but says the Democrats need to develop a comprehensive direction:

... As bankrupt as the Contract with America ultimmately became, it was based on coherent ideology and gave a clear direction for the country. Where is the Democratic direction for the next two years? I'm a supporter, and I don't hear anyone articulating a vision of the role of government, the rights of humanity, constitutional limits on the power of the executive, America's role in the world. We need the party to step up and put those stakes in the ground. ...

The Outraged Liberal advises Mitt Romney not to let the door hit him on the way out:

At long last the book is about to close on the short, nasty and brutish tenure of Gov. Willard Mitt Romney as (Utah's) favorite son strikes out to do to America what he did to Massachusetts. ...


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