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Helping Danvers blast victims that morning

Jenglo is a nurse at a hospital near Danvers, and was on duty when the ink plant exploded. After her shift, she went over to Danvers High School to help care for residents of the New England Home for the Deaf - evacuated after the explosion:

I tried to wheel one man to a spot at a table, and the woman next to him pulled him back. Then, she started pointing at her ring finger where there was a huge, gold band and a solitaire diamond band. I asked an interpreter what was going on, and she said, "They're married. His wife doesn't know where you're taking him."

"Oh, that explains it!" I said. "Could you tell her that I'd just like to get them to breakfast?" So the interpreter did, and they got a spot at the table.

They were all wearing their pajamas. One woman brought her beta-fish with her in a bowl. She even brought its food. That really broke my heart. ...

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