Boston sorta represents in the Weblog Awards

The finalists for the Weblog Awards are out and there are some locals on the various lists you can spend a fair amount of time voting for. Go vote for 'em today (voting's open until Dec. 15):

Best new blog: Jules Crittenden

Best conservative blog: Ace of Spades

Best media blog: Pundit Review

Best of the Top 250 Blogs: Sisu

There are a number of other categories I didn't check, because, really, I just don't want to know about "Best of the Top 6751 - 8750 Blogs," it just sounds too much like the old Bottom 95% award.

Congrats to our local finalists, but I really think we can do better - I KNOW there are great blogs in the Boston area (otherwise, I wouldn't still be reading/scanning so many of 'em - my mind would long ago havve turned to mush). Time for a Best of Boston Bloggers award? Anybody interested in working on setting something like that up? If so, let me know (or let me know if you think that'd be ridiculously elitist or whatever).




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Best of Boston Blogs. . .

Best of Boston Blogs. . . Maybe you could do a tie-in with Boston Mag.

Thanks for the nice plug. :-)

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