Citizen complaint of the day: Why are the suburbs dumping their crappy news boxes in Boston?

An irate citizen complains:

News boxes, dirty, faded and affixed with stickers on the window, along with graffiti on the top or elsewhere, have been dumped along Cambridge St. across from Center Plaza, on the sidewalk near pay phone at City Hall Plaza. One has a town of Belmont sticker, the other a city of Newton sticker. These are boxes for a paper from Martha's Vineyard I've seen in last year or two, but I don't believe the papers are even being distributed in Boston in these filthy boxes any longer. Yet other towns are dumping dirty and unwanted boxes in Boston. Plus, those are from Newton and Belmont, according to permit stickers on the front.


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Towns don't move newspaper

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Towns don't move newspaper boxes around. Newspaper distributors do.

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