Same guy may have held up Roxbury convenience store at gunpoint for second time in two weeks

Boston Police report the Quick Pic convenience store, 973 Tremont St. was held up at gunpoint around 9:30 this morning by a light skinned Hispanic male, wearing a dark hoodie, a baseball cap and a dark face mask.

Witnesses observed the suspect standing behind the counter with the victim holding what appeared to be a large silver object and stated, "If you move I'm going to kill you." Witnesses also reported the male suspect fled on Tremont Street toward Police Headquarters.

The store was held up at gunpoint around 8:50 a.m. on Nov. 12, by a white or light-skinned Hispanic guy with a silver gun, in his 20s, about 5'10" and wearing a black and white hat, a checkered scarf over his face and white pants.



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Is this a joke?

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This is a small, relatively tight knit neighborhood. Someone obviously knows who is doing this.

Also, Northeastern University is literally on this same block. Nice of the University to alert it's students to the violent crime on its campus.

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It helps to remember that "it's" is a contraction of "it is" or "it has".

PS: No one is going to get a call from campus police because it's called living in the real world. That store isn't part of the NU campus, and the apartments above it aren't student housing. If it's as tight knit as you think it is, then talk to your neighbors yourself. Why put it on NUPD?

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No need to be smug

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Everyone makes typos once in awhile, chill out Grammar Gestapo.

And I'm not putting it on NUPD to solve the crime, but the school has mass-email and texting alerts. I believe it's the school's responsibility to alert local students of crime waves in the area. In this case, two robberies within two weeks at the same store.

You don't need to lecture me on living in the real world. Personally, I do my own research and know how to carry myself. The hundreds of 19 year old students in the Davenport dorms, however, don't. My concern is for them.

Oh and P.S. is really snarky.

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