Mayor moves from acute care to rehab hospital

Tom Menino's doctor, Charles Morris, announced today the mayor has been moved to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to get his strength back after nearly a month at Brigham and Women's dealing with continuing back problems, an ongoing infection and newly diagnosed type-2 diabetes.

At a press conference this afternoon at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Morris said that Menino also suffered complications from the medications he was taking for Crohn's Disease.

"It is a run of bad luck and nothing that concerns me," Morris said. "He will rebound from this."

Morris added that, should Menino choose to run for re-election again, "I don't see his medical issues being an obstacle there at all."

Morris had no estimate when Menino would be well enough to leave Spaulding, saying that's up to Menino's new treatment team there.



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The New Mayor Menino


Maybe he should extend his tenure by becoming a head in a jar, ala Futurama.

Corporeal politicians are so 20th century!

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