Councilor: When it comes to voting lines, South Boston has turned into the Florida of the North

City Councilor Bill Linehan says some of his constituents stood in line for three or even four hours on Election Day, and he's not having it.

On Wednesday, the council considers his request for a hearing to figure out how to prevent the long lines he said became common in his district. In his request, Linehan says five precincts have 4,000 voters each - double the citywide average and nine times the size of the city's smallest precinct.

Linehan says he heard from one voter who got in line to vote at 6 p.m. and didn't finally cast his ballot until 10 p.m.



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Same thing was happening at

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Same thing was happening at the Lilla Frederick too. Glad somebody is looking into it.

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Only the state can

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Only the state can reprecinct. Councilor Linehan, among others, have asked their state elected officials to do just that to prevent the long lines we saw in presidential. The state has done nothing.

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