DA: Brighton murder suspect placed at scene by GPS device he was wearing

A Brighton man was ordered held without bail today at his arraignment on charges he shot a Cape man to death in Brighton last month.

Assistant District Attorney Julie Higgins said investigators have assembled an array of evidence against Patrick Malone for the death of Leroy Cooper on Leicester Street, including tracking data from monitoring device he was wearing for an earlier unrelated offense out of Dorchester. The data "tracks him perfectly" to the scene, she said. Witnesses also picked him out of a photo array, she said.

Higgins did not provide a possible motive for the murder. However, in addition to murder, Boston Police charged Malone with armed robbery and trafficking cocaine.

Higgins said Malone has a record that includes larceny. In fact, she said, the day after the murder, he showed up for a hearing on a cocaine-trafficking charge in Dorchester District Court.

At his arraignment, Malone stood in a hallway, out of sight of family members and spectators in the courtroom.

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