Fire and rain on the Green line

Fire near Lake Street

El Pelon Taqueria posted this photo of a track fire near Lake Street around 8 a.m.; not long after, the T exchanged buses for trolleys between BC and Babcock.




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El Pelon

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They posted the pic because they were glad they weren't the fire for once.

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OK - did we really need

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six separate alerts from the T about this problem?

And most of them were worded differently. First one stated "due to BFD activity", the second one (which was repeated twice) stated "Boston Fire Department Activity". Then a third alert stated "Due to a track problem", and a fourth one (also repeated twice) stated "Due to an underground power problem".

To whoever writes these alerts, how about just stating "Due to a Track Fire". It's brief, unambigious, and most importantly, stating the truth about the situation.

Also, we'll get the information, even if you send it to us only once. That's how e-mail and text messaging works - you send a message about a problem, and the recipent will read it. You then send a message that the problem has been resolved, and the recipent will read that one.

The MBTA's very annoying habit of sending cascading alerts when minor details of the incident change (as with the earlier BC track fire) reminds me of the newscaster in the opening scene of the 1976 disaster movie parody The Big Bus.

"Fire Trucks are approaching the lab"
"Fire Trucks have arrived at the lab"
"Firemen are getting off the trucks and grabbing hoses"
"The Firemen are dragging the hoses towards the lab"
"It looks like the Firemen are going to put water on the fire."
"Yes, the Firemen have started putting water on the fire."

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