Watching a kid die in school

Dot Rat recalls the events of Dec. 11, 1990 at Boston High School - and thinks about what they mean today:

That morning I remember hearing a scuffle in the hallway that seemed to drag on for a bit. Once we heard screaming the entire class ignored the teacher and dumped into the hallway. I remember some of the students coming back in with their hands covering their mouths in shock….a few with tears in their eyes. ...



U watched it But we Relive it

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Now imagine for a moment being the family member of that kid. Just a kid yourself and getting off the bus from a long day at school and finding two policemen standing on your front porch. You overhear them say that the family is mourning but at fourteen you have no clue what is going on so you dash up the stairs to see what is going on. You find your grandmother crying on her livingroom sofa because your uncle who grew up with like a brother was stabbed to death by a classmate. It happened on a Tuesday, a week from his birthday, and two weeks from Christmas. My life has never been the same. My uncle and I were only two years apart. He was my friend and more like my brother. You have no idea what it felt like to us. Then to top it all off...his killer was allowed to go free after serving only a few frivolous years in prison. This happened the middle of my eight grade year and yet he was up for parole before I could even graduate high school. Merry Christmas. Now try to swallow that pill when you will never see your loved one's smiling face or feel his warm embrace ever again.

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