Dorchester bank to do its part to ease critical teller shortage in Roslindale Square

The Dorchester Reporter alerts us that Meetinghouse Bank plans to put its second ever branch in one of the spaces at 4238 Washington St. - where Domino's failed to ease the square's critical pizza shortage.



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Another bank? That's the best they can do? I'd rather have a Domino's. Or maybe they could have brought back John F. Kennedy's house of TV repairs.

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A bank is better than Domino's

It will bring foot traffic, something that Dominio's would not have done. For the same reason, I'm fine with the Subway, even though I'm not big on chains. The key to vibrancy is foot traffic, and therefore we want businesses that provide on location customer services. A bank does that, and while we have a few others in the square, it's nothing like Centre St. in West Roxbury.

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