Exposing the underground world of MBTA tattoos

Red Line tattoo

Carey Shockey shows off his rendition of the Red Line at the Andrew-JFK/UMass tunnel, done a year ago at Karma Tattoo in Somerville. He explains he used to live in the Polish Triangle in Dorchester. See it larger.

He joins Dot rat Adam Myerson, who has the Ashmont line on his leg (more) and Josh DeCosta, who has the Orange Line at Sullivan Square on his arm.

Kaitlin Maud, meanwhile, has the entire MBTA map on her arm - both subway and commuter rail (in the photo, north is at the bottom, Green Line on the right):

MBTA map as a tattoo

Meghann also has a system map - but just for subways:

Subway on a leg

She reports she got it when she was moving away from Boston for awhile and wanted something to remind her of home. She adds:

It helps me find fellow Bostonians out in the world.

And no, she says, she is not going to have the Somerville extension added to the Green Line.

Somebody else with an MBTA map on a leg.

Any Blue or Green Line tattoos out there?

Hatchet writes:

I was going to get a Green Line tattoo but the tattoo artist broke down.

Scott Montminy says that's probably just as well, since:

The needle would have to jab you slow and jerky like, and stop occasionally for no apparent reason.

Georgy doesn't want something so permanent, so is thinking of a temporary Night Owl tattoo



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Holy cow!!

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Some of those MBTA Tattoes are mighty cool and all, but, sheesh...these people must have lots of dough floating around somewhere in order to be able to afford them!

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I'll be impressed when

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I'll be impressed when Kaitlin adds the Bus routes to the map.....

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No bus lines

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Let's not get crazy.

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