Three of four subway lines grind to a crawl this afternoon

What do you make of this, Johnny? Trains on the Orange, Green and Blue lines slowed due to a power problem the T has yet to identify. Officials report power had come back at several locations by 1:45 p.m., however. The Blue Line was reported back up and running about five minutes after that.



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Orange Line trains have delayed @ Back Bay Station

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for a few days now. Trains wait anywhere from 5-10 minutes. First time it happened when I was riding it they claimed there was traffic ahead. No explanation when it happened today, 2 I believe was around 2:30PM.

And there was a young dude standing [or I should say nodding] by a door, listening to rap on his HP. He was clearly messed up on something, the train was crowded, and many people noticed him, some were obviously afraid and moved. But, a big nicely dressed middle aged guy stood next to him, oblivious. He turned around and accidentally bumped into him. Big mistake. I only caught a part of what he called the man, finishing with 'B*tch ass [fill in the blank].' The older man freaked and quickly moved as far away from him as he could. It was at this time that the train was still stalled. Took another 4 minutes before we moved. A LONG 4 MINUTES IN A PACKED AND TENSE TRAIN.

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