The year on the T: Only on the Green Line

Stuck car in Brookline. Photo by MBTAWoman claimed her GPS made her drive on the C line. Photo by MBTA.

The Green Line has always stood apart from the other three T lines - and only partly because it's the only trolley line. Which other line would suffer service delays due to turtle? Here are some highlights from the Green Line, 2012 edition:

A Newton man was charged with onanism at Beaconsfield - he allegedly stood on the platform opposite this ad:

Wanker adPhoto by On the 86.

A trolley partially derailed at Packards Corner:

Derailed trolley. Photo by Steve Burns.Derailed trolley. Photo by Steve Burns.

A woman was robbed at riflepoint at Chestnut Hill.

State officials broke ground for the Green Line extension - the same day the entire line ground to a halt.

The T inaugurated bananaphone service on the Green Line.

Green Line tracks caught fire at Lake Street:

Fire near Lake StreetPhoto by El Pelon Taqueria.

Sob Story Guy refused to let a trolley leave Boylston until somebody gave him money.

Kenmore Station was shut for a melee after a concert at the House of Blues:

EMTs check out a couple of the wounded. Photo copyright Brian D'Amico.Firefighters check out the Kenmore wounded. Photo copyright Brian D'Amico.

A woman irate at some guy she thought was giving her the eye whipped out a pocketknife and began swinging it at passengers on a Riverside trolley.

A trolley coming into Boylston plowed into a trolley stopped there, injuring three dozen (including the operator of the hit trolley); the driver of the plowing trolley was fired after T officials learned he came off an overnight shift at a second job only three hours before he started his Green Line job.

Passenger on way to ambulance. Photo by John Keith.Passenger on way to ambulance. Photo by John Keith.

An E trolley and a Ride van collided along Huntington Avenue.

An owl was removed from the entrance to Park Street.

Two trolleys proved unable to occupy the same space at Brigham Circle:

Collision scene. Photo by Michelle Murray.Collision scene. Photo by Michelle Murray.

The T began sending trolleys to an upstate-New York plant for renovations - via flatbed trucks. The T announced plans to shut Government Center for two years for a major overhaul - which will presumably include working fare gates and escalators that don't catch on fire.

A Medford man was nabbed cutting and stealing signal cables at Brookline Village - allegedly, of course.

Overhead wire becomes underfoot wire on the Riverside Line.

Man allegedly groped woman, then tried to chat her up.

Mike Dukakis continued to use the Green Line.

A man slipped under a trolley at Haymarket; riders alerted the driver, who kept the trolley still until he could be removed.

A man proved you can always find a seat on the Green Line - if you're limber enough:

Perched guy on Green LinePhoto by Zach Tucker.

A man who allegedly exposed his junk to a woman on an outbound B train claimed jostling on the crowded trolley made his shorts fall off.

A woman changed all of her clothes and applied lotion liberally on an outbound C trolley.



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