Police: Man arrested for East Boston stabbing

Boston Police report arresting Yerlan Tatibayev, 23, on charges he stabbed a roommate's friend in the throat around 7:10 this morning in East Boston.

Police say the victim was visiting with Tatibayev's roommate in their 161 Cottage St. apartment when:

An altercation between the victim and his friend’s roommates broke out. During the altercation, the victim says one of the roommates stole his watch and stabbed him.

Police say they found Tatibayev in the area and in possession of the victim's watch. Officers found a knife in his bedroom. He was charged with armed robbery and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

Innocent, etc.



Why not just steal from the fridge?

Would have been much better if Tatibayev stuck to stealing his roommate's ice cream or other food than jacking his friends.

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