The golden age of kid TV in Boston

Rex Trailer's death last week got Maureen Rogers to reminiscing about all the other characters who greeted kids on Boston TV stations in the 1960s.

I also liked Salty Brine, who wore a sea captain hat and sat around in a fisherman's shack, and had and showed Jasper Jinx cartoons.




Critter corner

My mom worked at the children's zoo at the Franklin Park Zoo in the early 1960s, when it first opened. There were two results from this that were especially cool (on top of the simple fact that MY MOM WORKED AT THE ZOO): before the children's zoo opened to the public, a number of animals that had already been purchased for the zoo were boarded at our house. I particularly remember a couple of burrowing owls, as well as a pair of gibbons for whom my dad modified a bedroom closet into a temporary cage. (My husband has a very funny story about me trying to reconstruct why it was that that particular closet had a latch on the inside, starting out with "Well, that was where we had the gibbons, but that wouldn't be the reason.") There was also, very briefly, a harbor seal parked in our bathtub.

The second cool result was that a few times my mom got to be Walter Stone's assistant in doing zoo animal demos, both on Boomtown and on Bozo the Clown. Even though all she got to do was pass him different animals and so on, I was so proud to see her on TV!

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My Brownies troop went to a

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My Brownies troop went to a taping of the Uncle Gus show. A few of my friends were picked to be on stage to play games for prizes... what a hoot! Would love to get a copy of that episode.

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