Those strippers don't work for free, ya know

A customer at a LaGrange Street strip club faces arraignment on larceny charges after he allegedly refused to pay a $770 bill early this morning.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Charles Dirac, 27, "grew belligerent" when given his bill at Centerfolds. A bouncer told the detail cop who placed him under arrest that he'd been "upstairs," where customers can pay extra for private viewings.

Innocent, etc.



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Item Pricing?

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This could take an interesting spin. We know items in stores must be priced. Unless there is a menu or a label on the girl... I wonder how customers know what they expect to be charged when 'upstairs'? I can imagine ordering a dance or two, then being surprised by the costs.

(I would not be *that* surprised, but hopefully you get my meaning)

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