Bloggers vs. MSM: Time to declare it a civil war?

On Blue Mass. Group, Charley on the MTA declares victory in his site's seemingly unending war with WGBH's "Greater Boston" over John Carroll's inability to detect sarcasm - apparently Carroll rolled on his back last night and showed his throat to the bloggers, so Charley gave him an affectionate nip and now all is well in the pack again.

But Dan Kennedy, a panelist on the show (also: a blogger), says Charley misquoted him.

The Blogger/MSM conflict is even breaking up families.

Meanwhile, the Globe's Mac Daniel decides he's a computer expert and tells "this guy" who reported problems using the T's now retracted Web site with Opera to grow up or something:

Our suggestion? Stop using Opera.

That guy, Spatch, fires back:

... Wow! Awesome! Thanks for that helpful nugget of advice there, chief! That kind of knee-jerk bullshit response is about as annoying as the zealots on certain tech boards who answer every question about a Windows problem with "INSTALL LINUX, PROBLEM SOLVED." Basically it means "I have nothing helpful to contribute, but I just thought I'd act like a douchebag anyway." ...

And then there's the whole Eileen McNamara/Scott Allen Miller controversy, with McNamara playing the MSM know-it-all and Miller, nominally also part of the MSM, playing blogger in the sense that he fired back on his blog.

McNamara called Miller a media mouth making fun of an effort to combat teen suicide in Needham. Referring to the Needham High School principal, she ended her column:

Why pillory someone trying to find such a delicate balance? Paul Richards goes to the funerals; the media mouths do not.

Pity McNamara never contacted Miller, because she might have learned that he lives in Needham and attended services for two suicide victims. Plus, he writes he never actually said what McNamara quoted him as saying - she got her quotes from a summary on WRKO's Web site, written by the show producer.

He wants an apology. The Herald's Messenger blog says he can forget about that - the Globe says that even if that's true, McNamara still got the gist of what he said right.

Oh, come on, Kennedy, in his blogger role, writes. If the Globe can apologize for implying that tin cans are made of tin, the least it can do is clarify what Miller actually said, Kennedy says.



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