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People in basements get all outraged over Mac Daniel/Opera nonsense

So Spatch complains the T's failed new Web site doesn't work in his browser of choice and Mac "Computer Expert" Daniel at the Globe tells him to stop using that browser. Spatch gently replies why that's wrong (well, OK, the word "douchebag" did come up at least once). Now the Linux fanboys at Slashdot are piling on. I'm trying to get through the entire discussion, but it's giving me a headache. I think the basic conclusion is that non-Slashdot users are morons, and that includes rich people (yes, as Slashdot discussions often do, this one veered off into a tangent having nothing to do with the original point, before people got back to their core mission of pointing out how stupid everybody else in the world is).

Spatch responds.

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... would have the page load on every browser that's compliant. Namely, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, Opera, etc. And even IE, which is hit-n-miss on complying with the W3C standards.

Though I don't think the problem with the new T was Opera-specific; any site as slow to load as that one has something misconfigured at the server end. Why do I have the feeling that they did NO load testing?

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