Five-alarm fire tears through East Boston building

East Boston fire. Photo by Daniel Colt.East Boston fire. Photo by Daniel Colt.

Firefighters rushed to 269 Sumner St., a three-story residential and commercial building at the corner with Orleans Street - just 50 yards from a firehouse. Firefighters were ordered off the roof.

The Fire Department reports 21 residents were displaced. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Sumner Street fire. Photo by BFD.Sumner Street fire. Photo by BFD.



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Ladies and gentlemen....

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...East Boston is burning.

Seems like there is a giant fire here at least once a month. There are already at least two smoking craters within .5 miles of where this one was.

Is it the building stock? The density? The population? Or an inflection point in the real estate market?

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