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A little legislative role reversal

Liberals like David at Blue Mass. Group are revolted that the Legislature approved the referendum on same-sex marriage but let a health-care amendment die:

So they have -- no question -- violated their oaths of office. And they've made those of us who asked them to follow the law on the marriage amendment, even though we suspected the results would be disappointing, look pretty silly.

The Outraged Liberal tries to find a silver lining (six of the legislators who voted for the measure go away tomorrow), but adds he hopes "process liberals" have learned a lesson.

Deval Patrick's statement.

Anti-SSM bloggers like Domenico Bettinelli are feeling better, although he still has his doubts about "legis-weasels" who must vote one more time to put the measure before voters:

... Meanwhile Gov.-elect Deval Patrick showed his contempt for the rule of law by encouraging legislators to be derelict in their constitutional duty and fail to vote as the Supreme Judicial Court said they must this past week. ...

Just another reason why Deval Patrick was a bad choice for governor, agrees the Hill Observer.

Jon Keller calls the vote a victory for gay marriage.

Jim Conley calls the vote a blemish on the state's civil-rights record.



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