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Still one more push to keep the gay-marriage question off the ballot

Opponents of the proposal regroup; proponents rejoice.

Sco posts a list of the 62 legislators and wonders which ones can be persuaded to change their votes.

Chris Mason: We have lost this battle, but we will most certainly win this war.

Charley on the MTA blames Travaglini for " a Kremlin-style charade" that is the Constitutional Convention:

... It has been rumored that Travaglini is set to retire soon; that can't come a minute too soon. Actually, he should resign immediately. Between his siding against working people in last year's health care negotiations; his lack of personal self-control and hostility for a governor who hasn't even taken office yet; his contempt for his gay and lesbian consituents; and his utter contempt for his oath of office, he is creating a dismal legacy for himself. ...

Bob, another Blue Masser, sees an out-of-control Group of 30 subverting, um, what Blue Mass. Group believes is right and just.

Mass. Marrier: Bobby had another failure of courage and will. He adds:

I am firmly with the new Governor in stating that civil rights of any minority must never be up for plebiscite. The immoral nasties pushing this amendment have an unrelenting chant that the voters have a right to strip existing civil rights from others, in this case homosexuals. ...

Mike Mennonno girds for the battle ahead:

... Personally, I am not looking forward to more hate-speech, paranoia and fear-mongering on the road to a vote on what has proved to be a right that has helped legitimize over 8,000 happy, healthy families and has hurt no one in the process.

But, if that's how it's gonna be, bring it on, bitches. Bring it on.

At Squaring the Boston Globe, Harry goes wah wah wah to the Boston Globe:

... Despite a last-minute episode of demagoguery by Governor-elect Patrick, the proposed marriage amendment advanced in Massachusetts yesterday after the Senate President, Robert Travaglini, firmly drove the question to a vote, as the Supreme Judicial Court had said was required. ...

The Optimistic Patriot congratulates the legislature for doing the right thing:

Senate President Traviglini deserves special credit for pushing for a vote all along.

Pastor Tom sees the hand of God in the vote:

... What we learn from all of this is that it is important to do the right thing. To stand for God and His Word and leave the results to Him. This battle is not over, but it still goes on. To be frank, I did not believe I would be writing today about the petition proceeding to the next step. I was certain that I would blog about the end of democracy in the State of Massachusetts. While I am not naive enough to believe there will not be some underhanded tricks to try to thwart this effort, I am joyfully reminded that we walk by faith and not by sight. That our job is to do the right thing, for His glory, and know the results are His business. Onward Christian soldiers!

Scott Allen Miller says let the vote go forward because a large turnout in favor of same-sex marriage would send a positive message:

... A victory at the polls would give same sex marriage the legitimacy of popular support that many critics claim it currently lacks. ...

Elias on the Chimes at Midnight: To put this matter to a vote come 2008 would be an unmitigated catastrophe for the Commonwealth:

It would be an engraved invitation to every wowser and shaman in the land to invade Massachusetts and attempt a new lasting ideological colonization therein.

Moreover it is simply wrong to put the rights of our fellow citizens up for a vote. What shall be done next? Reinstitute Baptist purdah? ...

On What Was I Thinking, Margalit is disappointed in Massachusetts for letting the measure get this far.



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